Oracle Database Support
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Oracle is the leading database in the market as of now and requires proven strategies for best uses. This is where GOF Consulting can help you keeping your valuable information under your control. Why don’t trust a global partner specializing in technology and let us do the Oracle support for you based on your requirements.

GOF Consulting has proven records in providing Oracle Support to various satisfied customers using the best practices and the certified database consultants.

Some of the major services that GOF Consulting provides in terms of Oracle are:

  • Oracle Setup and Configuration
  • Oracle Advance Replication
  • Oracle Advance Security Implementation
  • Failover Database Creation
  • Health Checkup
  • SQL Tuning Services
  • User Administration
  • Database Recovery in Critical and Disaster failure
  • Database Auditing
  • Database growth planning
  • Database Performance for future usage

Feel free to contact us regarding your requirements and one of the GOF Consulting representative will get in touch with you to offer you the best in class solution.